Welcome to the world of knowledge. Our school provides you with the world's best library accessible to you both offline online. It's not just a collection of books rather we open to your children a world of possibilities to explore into. Carefully curated collection of books helps to improve his/her talents, travel through the unknown horizons created by the classics, taste the enormous linguistic possibilities created by great poems, dive into the greater knowledge World unexplored in the lab mits of class room learning . Rogationist Academy welcomes you to experience the real presence of Library.

The School Library is an integral part of the teaching and learning process. Rogationist Academy has a spacious and well-equipped school library, with a seating capacity of 50. It is a treasure trove with over 5000 books on diverse subjects like arts, science, maths, literature, autobiographies, encyclopedias, etc. The academic texts offer intellectual enrichment while fiction takes the children joyous rides in fantasy, thereby nurturing young minds in both, creativity and rational thinking. The calm and serene atmosphere provides for an effective reading experience and provides an excellent opportunity to quench the thirst for knowledge of both students and teachers.

Our library is well organised and well set, with books housed on shelves, arranged side by side.Books that capture the imagination of students, reconfirms their facts , eradicates their doubts and open the doors of intellect are made available to the students.

Our Services:

  • 5000+ Collection of stories, poems and novels suitable to all ages
  • Cartoons, Comics, Autobiographies, Religion and Philosophical books
  • Books available in English, Hindi, Malayalam, Italian, German languages
    Collection of world’s best encyclopedia in volumes
  • Subject wise division of books (Deewey Classification) to make easy access.
  • Encyclopedia on every general subjects
  • 20+ periodicals and magazines including the best ones in circulation
    Offline and online access to books
  • Individual accounts to students to search, order and issue books
    Detailed information on every books
  • A collection of scanned books
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