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Computer Lab

Computer Lab at Rogationist Academy

The state-of-the-art computer lab of the school is equipped with the latest software and hardware, which cater to requirement of students and teachers. Students gain proficiency and dexterity in current technology with optimized supportive infrastructure with the latest hardware and software and a team of extremely competent staff. The school is committed to a progressive and evolving approach to ensure that our students have the advantage of being familiar with up-to-date technology advances in IT based educational initiatives.

Students, faculty and staff have access to the computer lab, which provide the tools and technologies to produce websites, edit papers, communicate via email and access library resources. Microsoft Windows software is available for word processing, statistics, spreadsheets and database management. A variety of graphics and website-creation software programs are also available.

This lab features 35 personal-computing workstations plus printer and scanner capability. The lab is frequently upgraded to keep abreast with the rapid advancement of technology and globalization. It also aims at enhancing the quality of teaching and learning using the latest online education techniques and promotes the early acquisition of fundamental computing skills.