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General Information & Instructions

  • Children should come to school in proper uniform, neatly washed and ironed. On sports day the children should come to school in their PE uniform, with white shoes and socks.
  • Children should wear their ID –Cards to school every day.
  • Children should not wear any gold ornaments to school; we will not be responsible if it’s lost.
  • Please send a change of clothes in a labeled packet. It will be kept in the school to be used in case it’s needed, for KG students.
  • Regular attendance is a must. Please send your child to School on time. The students must reach school latest by 8.50am
  • Check the diary daily for any information or circular from the teacher or school, and acknowledge any note sent.
  • Students are expected to converse in English in the school campus and in the school bus.
  • Telephone calls – Our teachers are available to help you but we will appreciate, if you respect their privacy after school hours. They will provide you their phone number and convenient time during which they can be contacted, contact them only during the mentioned time. Please keep us updated about all your contact numbers, in case of any change.
  • Children using the school bus should be at their stop 5 min before time.  If we have to wait for each child, we’ll be late to school.
  • The fees details are uploaded in the school app. ONLINE PAYMENTS ARE ACCEPTED ONLY THROUGH THE PAYMENT GATEWAY PROVIDED IN THE APP Please don’t send money through your children. Parents are allowed to have direct payment in the school office.
  • Repeated incidents of late coming/any violations against the rules, disciplinary actions will be taken. Procedure is as follows: Teacher/staff->Class teacher->Principal->Discipline committee->Action
  • Each faculty member has the right and obligation to correct any student who disregards school or class regulations. Therefore students and parents should be familiar with the rules and regulations printed in the school diary and also published in this school website. Thank you for your co – operation.