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Transport at Rogationist Academy

School bus rides are joyful and memorable moments of the school days.

Rogationist Academy has a dedicated fleet of buses with the required safety measures, including first aid kit, fire extinguishers, seat belts and communication facility for contacting the school and parents in case of an emergency.

Buses are operated in all important routes. The buses are manned by trained staff, including a bus hostess. Parents/Guardians who wants to send their ward by school bus should apply for the same to the school at the beginning of the academic year.

To discontinue to the bus facility, one month’s notice in writing shall be given by the parent/guardian to the principal. Requests for change of boarding points shall be made in advance.

The students should reach the boarding point prior to the scheduled time and should not keep the school bus waiting.

Code of Conduct for the Bus Commuters
  • Students who avail the school bus should report to the assigned pick-up point at least five minutes before the stipulated time.
  • Students are expected to behave responsibly while in the school bus.
  • Indiscipline behavior in the school bus will make the students ineligible to use school transport. Bus monitor will help in maintaining discipline.
  •  Students should keep away from the doors of the bus while it is in motion.
  •  A student will not be permitted to board a bus other than the one to which he/she is assigned.
  •  Students will board the bus in an orderly manner, giving due priority to younger students.
  •  Parents or assigned persons should be present at their stop to collect the students at a given time.
The following acts will be viewed seriously
  • Discourtesy and disobedience to the lady guard/driver.
  •  Changing places frequently while the bus is in motion, Standing on footboard.
  •  Discourtesy to other children.
  •  Pushing and jostling when boarding the bus, keeping head or hand outside the windows.
  •  Trying to distract bus driver’s attention.
  •  Destroying bus property.
  •  Parents should update any changes in phone numbers/bus stop/address at the school office.
Emergency Transportation Service

In case of emergency school has a vehicle and a driver for transportation of pupils to hospitals/clinics.