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The inauguration of the turf court is a testament to Rogationist Academy’s commitment to providing a comprehensive educational experience. In an era where digital devices often compete for children’s attention, sports have emerged as a crucial antidote to sedentary lifestyles. The new turf court, a rarity among schools, serves as a beacon for other educational institutions to prioritize physical activity as an integral part of student life.


Discover excellence on our campus with our state-of-the-art basketball court facility. Rogationist Academy’s basketball court ensures an optimal environment for both athletes and fans to enjoy the thrill of the game. Let’s celebrate teamwork, dedication, and the pursuit of sporting excellence on our court.


Explore our exceptional cricketing arena, where every match is an opportunity to showcase your skills. Our meticulously maintained pitch, spacious outfield, and vibrant atmosphere make Rogationist Academy’s cricket ground the perfect place for enthusiasts to thrive and cricketing dreams to take flight.


Dive into excellence at our soon to be unveiled swimming facility, where we offer a safe and inviting environment for swimmers of all levels. Our state-of-the-art pool, maintained to the highest standards, provides the ideal setting for both learning and perfecting your swimming skills.