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Celebrating Independence Day with Zeal and Patriotism

The spirit of patriotism and the sense of freedom were vividly alive at Rogationist Academy School as the campus reverberated with celebrations on the occasion of Independence Day of 2023. The students, staff, and special guests gathered to commemorate the historic day with a series of inspiring and heartwarming events that underlined the significance of being true citizens of India.

Parade and Flag Hoisting

The festivities kicked off with a vibrant parade, a spectacle of unity and diversity. The school’s four houses, each dressed in their distinctive colors, marched proudly to the rhythm of Drums. Guiding the procession were the esteemed Head Boy master Bava Zayan and Head Girl Jia Anne Christin, accompanied by the house captains who exuded leadership and enthusiasm. The culmination of the parade was the solemn flag hoisting ceremony, a symbol of the nation’s sovereignty and the sacrifices made to achieve it.

Inspiring Words from Chief Guest

A highlight of the celebrations was the presence of the esteemed Chief Guest, Assistant Commander Tanuja, who hoisted the national flag with grace and dignity. His words resonated deeply with the students as he spoke about the true essence of independence, emphasizing the need for unwavering patriotism and a commitment to freedom. He reminded everyone that the responsibility of upholding the nation’s ideals rested on their shoulders.

Messages from Young Voices

The event also provided a platform for the students to express their thoughts on patriotism and freedom. Master Anjaneya Upadhayay, a student of Rogationist Academy, delivered a heartfelt message that echoed the sentiments of the entire gathering. His eloquent words highlited the importance of unity and diversity in the nation’s fabric, encouraging his peers to embrace their roles as future torchbearers of progress.

Patriotic Song Competition Winners

Music filled the air as winners of the patriotic song competition, held in two categories, took the stage. Their melodious voices resonated with passion as they sang songs that celebrated the spirit of India. Through their performances, they instilled a sense of pride and fervor, reminding everyone of the beauty and diversity of the country.

Expressing Patriotism through Dance

A captivating patriotic dance performance added a visual dimension to the celebrations. The dancers’ graceful movements conveyed a profound sense of pride and reverence for the motherland. Thanks to the efforts Ms. Darshana who did the choreography.

Principal's Address

The day’s festivities culminated with an address from the school’s Principal. In his speech, he emphasised the importance of nurturing a spirit of empathy and compassion, fostering an environment where every individual values the freedom of others. He urged the students to take the lessons learned on this day beyond the school gates, contributing positively to society and serving as responsible citizens who are unwavering in their commitment to India’s progress.

The Independence Day celebrations at Rogationist Academy School were a true embodiment of patriotism, unity, and the spirit of freedom. Thanks to the efforts of all the staff and students, particularly the program coordinator, Ms. Tina Rachel. Through a colourful parade, stirring speeches, mesmerizing performances, and heart-warming messages, the event left an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of all who participated. As the day came to a close, the resounding message was clear: it is our duty to be true citizens of India, standing together in unity, embracing diversity, and fostering a nation where freedom and love for the country reign supreme.