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The Reading Month at Rogationist Academy

In an era dominated by technology and instant gratification, cultivating a love for reading among children has become more crucial than ever. As digital distractions vie for their attention, the art of delving into the pages of a book seems to be fading away. However, understanding the significance of reading and its profound impact on young minds, Rogationist Academy embarked on a remarkable journey with its month-long Reading Month celebration. From the grant inauguration on June 18 to the splendid closing ceremony on July 24, the academy took on the mission to kindle the joy of reading in its students’ hearts.

Inauguration Day: Embracing the Beauty of Malayalam Poetry

The reading month @ Rogationist Academy was inaugurated by the Principal Fr. Devassy Painadath on 18th June with during the special assembly. The inauguration day commenced with a poetic tribute to the rich literary heritage of the region. Under the leadership of the Malayalam department, headed by Ms. Sreepriya, students came together to visualize and stage a captivating Malayalam poem, bringing alive the cadence and charm of their mother tongue. This heart-warming tribute not only celebrated the cultural significance of language but also laid the foundation for an exciting month ahead, motivating students to read more.

Closing Day: Stepping into the World of Literature, Presentations, tabloids etc.

As the month drew to a close, the campus of Rogationist Academy transformed into a literary wonderland, guided by the able leadership of the English Department headed by Ms. Neetha and Hindi Departmenet headed by Ms. Rakhi.  Students, donned in the attire of famous poets and protagonists from beloved stories, paid homage to the characters who have captured hearts for generations. The sight of these young readers embodying the spirit of their literary idols was a testament to the power of books to inspire and influence. The Reading Month celebration at Rogationist Academy was not limited to mere appreciation but also encouraged active engagement with literature. The presentation of tabloids, showcasing scenes from famous books, ignited curiosity and encouraged students to explore beyond their comfort zones.

Book fest: Unleashing Creativity and Curiosity

Additionally, the collaboration with DC books for the Book fest further fuelled the flame of curiosity, as students immersed themselves in a vast array of literary works. The students were encouraged to buy books and contribute to create a class library. The best class libraries were awarded.

Rewarding the Avid Readers: Cultivating a Lifelong Passion

Recognizing the need to nurture a reading culture, Rogationist Academy applauded and awarded students who went the extra mile in their literary pursuits. By encouraging students to read books from their areas of interest and share their thoughts through reviews, the school instilled not just the habit of reading but also the joy of discovering new worlds within the pages of a book.

Fostering a Love for Reading in the Digital Age

In a time when screens beckon from every corner, the celebration of Reading Month at Rogationist Academy serves as a beacon of hope. It highlights the essential role of reading in the holistic development of children. Beyond its academic benefits, reading fosters empathy, enhances language skills, and fuels creativity. By exploring diverse literary works, students broaden their perspectives and develop critical thinking abilities that empower them to navigate the complexities of the world.

As the curtains fell on the month-long Reading Month celebration at Rogationist Academy, the impact of the event reverberated throughout the school community. The joy and wonder sparked by books have left an indelible mark on the hearts of students, setting them on a lifelong journey of learning and exploration. By prioritizing the love for reading in a digital age, the academy has equipped its students with a timeless gift that will continue to enrich their lives for years to come. We hope the sweet memories of this life changing celebrations never fade in their hearts.