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Student Exhibition Showcases Diverse Talents and Achievements

Rogationsit Academy held an exhibition showcasing the work of its students from various departments. The exhibition was a great success, attracting visitors from within the school and the wider community.

The exhibition featured exhibits from the departments of Science, Social, English, Malayalam, Hindi, and Maths. Each department showcased the work of its students, highlighting their achievements and contributions to the respective fields of study.

Each department participated enthusiastically

In the Science department, students presented experiments and projects that demonstrated their understanding of scientific concepts and their ability to apply them to real-world problems. The exhibits included models of the solar system, experiments on the properties of magnets, and projects on renewable energy sources.

The Social department presented exhibits on current events and social issues, highlighting the students’ understanding of local and global affairs. The exhibits included posters, photographs, and video presentations on climate change, gender equality, and human rights, and presentations that exhibited their knowledge of geography. The working model of the solar system was a feast to the eyes.

In the English department, students displayed their writing skills by presenting short stories, poetry, and essays on various themes. The exhibits showcased the students’ creativity and their ability to express themselves in written form.

The Malayalam and Hindi departments presented exhibits on the respective languages, including displays of literature, poetry, and cultural artefacts. These exhibits provided an insight into the rich literary and cultural traditions of these languages.

Finally, the Maths department presented exhibits on mathematical concepts and their applications. The exhibits included models, charts, and interactive displays demonstrating the student’s understanding of mathematical concepts and ability to apply them to real-world problems.

A great success

Overall, the exhibition was a great success, showcasing the diverse talents of the students at Rogationsit Academy. The exhibits demonstrated the students’ creativity, knowledge, and skills, and highlighted the school’s commitment to providing a well-rounded education.

We would like to extend our appreciation to all the students, teachers, and staff who contributed to the success of the exhibition, and to the visitors who took the time to appreciate the exhibits. We hope that this exhibition will inspire the students to continue to pursue their interests and to strive for excellence in their chosen fields of study.

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